Thursday, March 22, 2012

How a Dog Inspired a Legend

            Hi everyone, I’m Patrick Parish writing a ‘guest’ blog for Nancy, I mean Bub’s Dragon. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of taking a very real notice at Bub becoming a very real star in Nancy’s AMULET that’s literally done what very few, if any, debut novels have ever done before. AMULET has gone from a following of zero, to being a bestseller in four very short months, and is giving every indication of ‘going viral’ as they say! We both are extremely grateful for all of the very enthusiastic feedback and support, and we’re working very hard to continue to give what we seem to do best, tell a great story!

            I thought it might be appropriate to share a bit of insight as to the inspiration of Bub (Renegade) in AMULET. You see Bub was actually a very real dog that was my mom and dad’s. I’m very much honored, and I believe that my parents are also, that Nancy has done an exceptional job of capturing the personality and essence of Bub in her writings, and I can assure everyone with a little ‘insider knowledge’ that that does continue in TABLET OF THE SUN which is the next novel in the DRAGONBLADE SERIES. Bub in real life was definitely every bit the dog that Bub in AMULET is… ok so with the exception of being able to ‘ice’ things lol. His ‘limitations’ however never interfered with his love of life, and his adorable, funny, ‘wee warrior’ attitude!

            I’m very appreciative that Bub will live on in the DRAGONBLADE SERIES and I believe that he’s definitely giving his hoo hoo from where he is now! Many thanks from me, mom, and dad to Nancy for immortalizing the very best of a companion that we loved.

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