Thursday, March 22, 2012

How a Dog Inspired a Legend

            Hi everyone, I’m Patrick Parish writing a ‘guest’ blog for Nancy, I mean Bub’s Dragon. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of taking a very real notice at Bub becoming a very real star in Nancy’s AMULET that’s literally done what very few, if any, debut novels have ever done before. AMULET has gone from a following of zero, to being a bestseller in four very short months, and is giving every indication of ‘going viral’ as they say! We both are extremely grateful for all of the very enthusiastic feedback and support, and we’re working very hard to continue to give what we seem to do best, tell a great story!

            I thought it might be appropriate to share a bit of insight as to the inspiration of Bub (Renegade) in AMULET. You see Bub was actually a very real dog that was my mom and dad’s. I’m very much honored, and I believe that my parents are also, that Nancy has done an exceptional job of capturing the personality and essence of Bub in her writings, and I can assure everyone with a little ‘insider knowledge’ that that does continue in TABLET OF THE SUN which is the next novel in the DRAGONBLADE SERIES. Bub in real life was definitely every bit the dog that Bub in AMULET is… ok so with the exception of being able to ‘ice’ things lol. His ‘limitations’ however never interfered with his love of life, and his adorable, funny, ‘wee warrior’ attitude!

            I’m very appreciative that Bub will live on in the DRAGONBLADE SERIES and I believe that he’s definitely giving his hoo hoo from where he is now! Many thanks from me, mom, and dad to Nancy for immortalizing the very best of a companion that we loved.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Interview With An Elf Dog 

 Pat: Welcome to the blog of Author, Nancy Lee Parish. With me today is....hey! What happened to the sign?

 Bub: (trying to look innocent) What sign?

 Pat: The sign up there! The one that’s supposed to say “Nancy Lee Parish - Author!” Are those your paw prints?

 Bub: No.

 Pat: You are a dog, aren’t you?

 Bub: (Duh! Where did they get this guy?) Well, technically I’m an Elf Dog.

 Pat: Did you change the sign?

 Bub: It fell. I just put it back up.

 Pat: And crossed off Nancy’s name and added your own?

 Bub: Is this the interview?

 Pat: (sigh...) We’ll deal with the sign later. So, tell me. What’s it like to have your first book out?

 Bub: Book? What book?

 Pat: The one you’re in. You know, Amulet? You’re one of the stars!

 Bub: Excuse me! My life is not a book! Though I do admit I’ve had some incredible adventures. I’ve also tasted the finest sausages and gravy, and met the most delightful ladies.

 Pat: Yes, I understand you like to eat.

 Bub: Have you been spying on me?

 Pat: No, I read the book. I read about the ladies and your fondness for ear-rubs, as well.

Bub: You have been spying on me!

 Pat: It’s all in the book, Amulet!

 Bub: Do you often interview non-existent book characters? Am I a figment of your imagination? (This guy is dragon fodder!)

 Pat: (...)

 Bub: Good answer! So, If I am just a character in a book, who the blazes are you talking to? Lovely word, by the way, Thoral. Thank you.

 Pat: Thoral is another character in Amulet, right?

 Bub: You are insistent, aren’t you? I don’t know why you think my life is a book. I suppose it could be a book, and a fine one at that! I am, after all, a warrior at heart, a champion with the ladies, and a connoisseur of delectable gourmet delights!

 Pat: A warrior who likes ear-rubs?

 Bub: Hey! Now you’re getting personal! (I hope she’s not paying this guy!)

 Pat: Sorry. It’s just that I read it...

 Bub: a book. I know, I know. Crikey! I have some crystals with me that might be able to help with your delusions.

 Pat: Let’s just leave the crystals out of this, shall we? Now, tell me more about Thoral.

 Bub: Everyone wants to know about Thoral! I thought you were interviewing me?

 Pat: Well, I am interviewing you. But I wanted to talk about the book you’re in. You know, the one you think you’re not in. Or was it that there is no book? Now you’ve got me confused!

 Bub: Thoral’s not in a book, either. Just thought I’d mention it.

 Pat: So, neither is Tristan? Or Elias, or Hughet, or Seneca, or any of the others?

 Bub: Who are you, anyway? How do you know these people?

 Pat and Bub: The book.

 Bub: How about if we just leave this “book” out of it, and you can ask me about my life? But before we start, do you have any biscuits? I like the cinnamon ones.

 Pat: Dog biscuits?

 Bub: If there was a book, you didn’t read it, did you?

 Pat: Right. No dog biscuits. Fresh baked, regular biscuits.

 Bub: Now you’re talking! (Crikey! I could interview better than this bonehead!)

 Pat: There are some in the other room. Just a minute, I’ll be right back.

 (Pat leaves, door shuts behind him.)

 Bub: All’s clear! Quick, Thoral! Lock the door!

 Thoral: Aye! He’s an odd one, ain’t he? I’m sure he means well, an’ all. And what’s this book he’s talkin’ ‘bout?

 Bub: I have no idea! But we can do some real interviews now!


Will Bub take over the interviewing? Will Pat be able to get back into the room, and what will he find if he does? Is there a book or not? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the next installment of Bub’s Dragon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dragons, a Dog and Mark Twain

So, how does one describe a story that has dragons and a mini dachshund as some of the main characters? Not to mention the gruff, axe wielding farmer who has a soft spot for baby dragons, or the stoic inventor who has a questionable past. And then there are the wizards, one of whom holds a terrible secret. Yet these wizards simply manipulate that which already exists. One has a way with fire, another with water.
Does the legend of a “magical” sword define this story as fantasy? But, wait a minute! Dragons in stories are meant to be slain. Not mine. They’re the good guys. At least most of them are.
Do the few elves make it fantasy? Shouldn’t they be arrogant, and long and thin with pointy ears? Oops. I have a short one with a feisty six year old, and another who is old, stooped, bakes cinnamon biscuits and serves tea. It’s the rebel in me.
I know! It’s the eighteen year old boy on a quest that makes it fantasy. He’s supposed to be the hero and save the day, then rule happily ever’ll just have to read it to see if that happens.
There should be an evil, powerful bad guy somewhere in the mix for it to be fantasy. Well, there is. Sort of. You’ll love to hate him...and yet....and yet.... Wait until you meet his friends.
Another thing. Is there supposed to be humor in a fantasy story? If not, well I messed up. I just cannot imagine people, or dogs, without humor. Yes, the dog talks. So do the dragons. Probably the rebel again.
I haven’t even mentioned the evolving love stories nestled inside the adventure. Nor the dragon who really hates to fly.
Why do I bring up Mark Twain in all this? Besides liking a lot of his quotes, he said a couple of things that I take to heart. One is, that if you have a woman screaming in your story, bring her out and let her scream. The other was about keeping adjectives widely spaced and something about not being too flowery with words. I like that. I used the word pontificating once in my story. It was the only word my son had to look up.
So, do these elements make this a fantasy story? I suppose so, but it’s not typical. But then again, we haven’t met any dwarves yet...

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